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Dozens of diverse technical electives are available for IGEN students to take across the other engineering disciplines. This page will be continually updated throughout the year with even more information about all the technical electives you can take. For any questions, contact the VP Academic, at

Check out our extensive list of technical electives, including course descriptions and any pre-requisites you need to take:

As a direct result of the diversity of technical electives that IGEN students can take, each student has the ability to tailor their degree specifically toward the position or industry they wish to work in.  

Keep in Mind:
  • You must select (9) credits in one traditional engineering discipline, six (6) credits in a different traditional discipline, and three (3) credits from a discipline of your choice. Note the words “traditional engineering discipline”. This typically means courses from one of the seven departments (CHBE, CIVL, CPEN, ELEC MECH, MINE, MTRL). Depending on your interests, there is some latitude in the selection of the three (3) credits in a discipline of your choice.

  • Some electives require a second year course as a pre-requisite. A maximum of three (3) credits of second year courses in the Applied Science faculty may be used as a technical elective if and only if it is a prerequisite for a third or fourth year technical elective.

  • You can do a graduate course as a technical elective. However, note that to do a graduate course you must be in 4th year, have a 76% or better average, and obtain permission from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Also, some graduate courses are “piggy-backed” onto undergraduate courses, that is, the graduate course is the undergraduate course plus, for example, some extra independent work.

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