This year, we are introducing a newly redesigned mentorship program to IGEN students.
The mentors consist of upper year students who have confidence, experience, and are adept at specific
skills. They are offering their time to all IGEN students who may have questions that relate to their
specific skill-sets.

For example, if you are designing a part and need to conduct FEA simulations to analyze its stress
concentrations but don’t know where to start: scroll down the list below, find the mentor who has
experience with this skill, and shoot them an e-mail!

If you are reaching out to a mentor, please come prepared with specific problems and/or questions. Do
your research, attempt the problem at least once, and then reach out to a mentor if you need help.


Here are this year’s mentors:

I have quite a bit of experience with designing circuits, circuit boards, as well as picking and coding microcontrollers for a variety of applications. I worked at Tesla on the PCB design team for 8 months, as well as spending 5 months on the system integration and architecture team there. I also spent two years on UBC Formula Electric, and have had several successful IGEN design projects. I can help with all circuit-related aspects, from parts selection, to integration, board design, debugging, etc. Feel free to also reach out regarding course selection, resume and portfolio development, and looking for jobs outside of the co-op program

PCB Design (Altium Designer), Circuit simulation (digital, analog, power), Circuit assembly



I have 3 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry specifically in upstream and midstream operations. I worked with TransCanada Pipelines on their Pipeline Integrity team dealing with data quality and strategy, as well as Blue Spark Energy, working with big data analysis and wireline technology R&D. 


I am currently working for UBC's Sustainability Initiative (USI) on clean energy & water research projects. I can help you with any UBC documentation or questions regarding sustainability on & off campus. I am your current IGEN Co-VP Communications, and I also sit on the UBC Student Health & Wellbeing Advisory. Feel free to let me know if you require any IGEN or UBC resources.  


In May 2019 I will be working for Deloitte as an Energy & Resources operations consultant. Ask me if you have any questions on how to find jobs not in Engineering!

UBC Sustainability, Data Analaysis, O&G, Consulting



I have worked at 3 co-op positions, Kodak, NZ Technologies, and Andritz Automation, and was on the UBC Formula Electric team for 2 years. At Kodak, I did the assembly and testing of large electromechanical systems. I learned to make dynamic assemblies in Solidworks with UBC Formula Electric and design parts for waterjetting, as well as project management and budgeting skills. At NZ Technology, I used Solidworks to design enclosures and parts for 3D printing, then oversaw the print. I also did circuit design, testing, and validation, including making my own PCB that is now incorporated into the final product. At Andritz, I used software (Ignition) along with Python coding to develop a dynamic user interface for operators of a large pulp and paper mill. 

Solidworks modelling (especially relating to 3D printing), PCB Design, Soldering



I’m a fourth-year student majoring in mechanical and minoring in electrical engineering. Plus, a minor in commerce! Some cool projects that I’ve done include: an automatic transmission bicycle (PerfectGear), a robotic prosthetic hand using shape memory alloys (ARTUS BIONICS), and UBC BAJA Spindle and Steering Geometry design. Professionally, I’ve had the chance to work in a variety of roles and companies from a small drone start-
up in Salt Spring, BC to interning at Tesla in California. My expertise is focussed in mechanical design, specifically in consumer electronics. I know a lot about Solidworks modelling (especially surfaces and skeleton setup), material selection (mostly plastics, epoxy, glass, non-ferrous metals, some steel & aluminum), Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS) simulations, and general design. However, if you are interested in car suspensions, I’d also be happy to chat about that too!

Solidworks, FEA, Materials Selection



Andrei Gavrilov is in his fourth year of Integrated Engineering at UBC, specializing in Computer and Civil Engineering and minoring in Commerce. Andrei has countless years of public speaking, team management and conflict resolution experiences in conferences, project teams, technical work experiences and research groups. He has participated in the City of Calgary Summer Student Mentorship Program has also been a mentor for first-year students in the Emerging Leaders Program at Totem Park. Andrei has presented his project work on Parametric Building Design and the Parallelization of Random Forests at UBC MURC research conferences in 2016 & 2017. He also has presented two Machine Learning Research Papers at Oxford University, 2017 and the University of Berkeley, 2018. Andrei takes the lead in technical project
courses by effectively and equitably delegating roles among team members and mitigating internal conflicts as they arise. Andrei would like to offer his expertise in these areas for students seeking help with communication, team management and presentation skills in the IGEN Mentorship Program. Feel free to reach out to Andrei if you would like to connect or if you have any questions!

Team Management, Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution



Hardware Development Test & Analysis Intern at Tesla, focused in high voltage testing of all power electronics components in the Model 3. Significant experience in power conversion elements and python scripting. Spent 2 years on UBC Open Robotics as Mechanical Lead. Designed a robotic head capable of rotation via user input while wearing an Oculus VR headset. Significant Solidworks design and rapid manufacturing experience including 3D printing, laser cutting and waterjet cutting

CAD (SolidWorks, CATIA), Arduino, Python,       
Boat Racing



I am a current 3rd year student. I am very good at coding and computing logic in general
so I'd be down to help you with CPEN labs or teach how to code in Java/C#. I'm also good with helping in
Math255, Math 253, and Civil 215. I know the math classes (especially 255) can feel a little bit overwhelming but it becomes easy once you know what's happening. I'm happy to help whenever so feel free to come. Good luck, I hope you enjoy IGEN ! PS: Come to me if you want to practice French!

Coding in any Languages, MATH 253/255, CIVL 215



Experienced in manufacturing R&D in the energy storage (flow battery, lithium ion) industry. If you need help with process improvements, and fast-paced machine prototyping - I’m your guy.


As for other things, I can help with: project management, poster/presentation/graphic design, & general
mechatronics design.

Experience: UBC Baja, Avalon Battery, Tesla


Web Processing (related to battery manufacturing), Graphic Design, Design Of Experiments



I am a 5th year IGEN and have spent the last 2 years working heavily in the startup space at UBC and beyond. Using my experience at Microdermics (a microneedle based medical device company) and other ventures, I have personally coached over 50 early stage ventures in the healthcare, sustainability, education, food and the AI/ML space.

In short, I can help you with: Commercializing your startup ideas, using your IGEN degree to build your brand, your AI/Machine Learning projects (not an expert, but can definitely help!) If you want to chat, you can setup a time instantly using: https://calendly.com/pranavmenon/igen

Entrepreneurship/Product Commercialization, Career Path Definition, Machine Learning/AI Projects



I am a 5th year IGEN with mechanical and materials engineering specializations. I have mechanical design and simulation experience from a past co-op and the UBC Supermileage design team, and from my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year IGEN projects. I also have experience working with microcontrollers and position-measuring sensors from my 4th year project. I am willing to help with SolidWorks, ANSYS simulation, composite material design, and microcontroller/sensor selection. In Term 1 I'll be on campus on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons, and I'll be back in school for Term 2. I can be reached via Messenger.

SolidWorks, FEA, Microcontroller selection and Coding



Ryan Stewart is a 4th year Integrated Engineering student. Apart from taking classes with the UBC Pipeline Integrity Institute, Ryan's degree focuses on fluid dynamics and the mechanics of corrosion. Ryan has completed the UBC co-op program, where he was employed in roles that involved project management, bid analysis, frozen ground engineering, and pipeline engineering. Ryan's past design projects include a coaster that tracks an end user's alcohol consumption similar to myfitnesspal, and a note taking tablet for students.

Arduino programming, python (2&3), CO-OP Applications/Interviews, Job search/Resume Building



 I have been lucky enough to build a very "integrated" portfolio over my three years in the program: I somehow convinced Microsoft to pay me to code for them (twice), worked in manufacturing for Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell (my cooler job for them was self-declared F-Cell Test Driver), and then ended up in Bangladesh for five months working on control systems, data analytics, and production of solar microgrids for a pretty rad social enterprise, ME SOLshare. Two years on the UBC Formula Electric design team made me comfortable with PCB design (Altium) and assembly, and weeks of hunching over a test bench in Dhaka taught me how to debug [power boards] with patience
I'm familiar enough with electronics design and testing to get you started, but my mentoring abilities are better suited to helping you make your dream adventures come to life. Talk to me if you do not know where to start your job hunt, if your resume needs an overhaul, you could use some techniques for leveraging LinkedIn, want to improve your confidence and public speaking skills, or need to prepare for an interview (entry-level software interviews are my specialty). Definitely come talk to me if you are failing (academically, professionally, personally) and need some inspiration to keep going. I've been there.

PCB design, Assembly, and debugging (power boards). Public speaking. Job hunting (international
and domestic).



I am a fourth-year student specializing in thermofluids engineering. I have taken numerous courses related to fluids and thermodynamics as well as drafting and 3D modelling
using Autodesk’s Inventor and Dassault Systems’ Solidworks. I was on UBC Rocket for its inaugural year where I gained experience working with composite layups, was introduced to
Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software ANSYS Fluent and learnt how to build a first-place rocket. I am now on the UBC Formula team working as an aerodynamicist, heavily utilizing the
CFD software Star CCM+ developed by SIEMENS. In addition to all this, I was also pursuing a minor in mathematics until I realized it would add a year onto my already extended degree.

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding anything related to thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid
dynamics/mechanics, combustion, CFD simulations, 3D modeling, or mathematics.

Anything fluids, 3D modeling, CFD simulations, Mathematics



I am a 4th year student working on a CHBE/CIVL double major. I am currently on a co-op rotation with Kiewit Construction, based out of Calgary. During this time I have gained extensive knowledge of the construction industry, and have been fortunate enough to present some of my work to the project client and engineer, as well as other technical learning moments to interns and district staff.
The past school year I was the EUS VP Student Life which allowed me to grow my time management skills, among other things.

With technical presentations and reports in university I have always received high grades and have experience that stretches as far back as high school, when I presented to the Canadian Board of Education.

If you are interested in learning about or receiving help with technical presentations and reports, time management, or being a woman in engineering feel free to reach out, I will try to support you the best I can. 

Technical presentations and reports, Women in Engineering, Time management



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