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This year, we are introducing a newly redesigned mentorship program to IGEN students.
The mentors consist of upper year students who have confidence, experience, and are adept at specific
skills. They are offering their time to all IGEN students who may have questions that relate to their
specific skill-sets.

For example, if you are designing a part and need to conduct FEA simulations to analyze its stress
concentrations but don’t know where to start: scroll down the list below, find the mentor who has
experience with this skill, and shoot them an e-mail!

If you are reaching out to a mentor, please come prepared with specific problems and/or questions. Do
your research, attempt the problem at least once, and then reach out to a mentor if you need help.

If you have any questions about mentorship or would like to get involved, please email!

Here are the mentors for 2022/23:


Sajida Chowdhury


Areas of expertise: Resume & Cover Letters, Course-planning, Life-planning, Networking, Scholarships, Getting Involved on Campus, Design Team Experiences, Figuring out how to best use your time, Study Strategies, Co-op, and more! 

Relevant Experience: I worked as a mechatronics test engineer for 8 months at Verathon Medical working with Arduinos, relays, solenoids, stepper motors, actuators and other electronic components to build test jigs. Throughout my degree, I have also been involved with UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UBC Rocket, IGEN Council, Women-in-Engineering, UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team and undergraduate research. In addition to my engineering involvements, I am a UBC Student Ambassador where I give tours of campus to prospective students and am on the Student Alumni Council where I work with Santa Ono, alumniUBC, and other leaders on campus to plan events and programming to connect current students with alumni. 

Hi everyone! My name is Sajida (she/her) and I’m currently in my third year of IGEN specializing in the biomedical aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering. I’m super interested in the intersection between the engineering and medical field. In the middle of my second year, I had my heart set on working at Verathon and through a bit of networking I scored my position for the summer! I would love to speak about how to highlight your strengths in cover letters, resumes, interviews, applications and anything else where you need to really sell who you are. If you are interested in getting involved on campus whether it is engineering-related or not, reach out to me and we can discuss that too! I also really like planning things out so if you need someone to talk to about what to do with your degree or course-planning, I’d love to help. Outside of IGEN, I love dance - both learning and choreographing so if anyone would like to have a dance session with me - send me a message!

Andrei Gavrilov.jpg

Andrei Gavrilov


Areas of expertise: Data Analytics, Programming (SQL, C/C++, HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Excel VBA), Data Visualization, UI/UX Design, Human Centric Design, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Project Management, Career Coaching, Networking,
Interview Preparation, Public Speaking.

Relevant Experience: Data Analyst on the Advanced Analytics Team at Suncor Energy since May 2021. Three Co-op placements over 24-months: 2017, four months at City of
Calgary, 9-1-1 Emergency Services as Business Continuity Student (Organizational Disaster Recovery); 2018, eight months at City of Vancouver, Project Delivery Branch as Engineering Assistant (Project Coordinator); 2019-2020, 12 months at Suncor Energy as Data Analytics Student (Developer). Three publications in fields of Civil Engineering (Parametric Building Design), Computer Engineering (Biometric Facial Recognitions and Machine Learning), four total research projects.

Andrei Gavrilov is a 2021 UBC Dean's Honour List Graduate from Integrated Engineering, specializing in Computer and Mining Engineering and Minoring in Commerce. At UBC he was involved with the EUS, Residence Life, UBC Orientations, mentorship, undergraduate research and was nominated as a 2021 APSC Rising Star. Currently, he is a Data Analyst at Suncor Energy and serves as Vice Regional Student Representative for the IEEE Canada Student Activities Committee.


Andrei has completed 24-months of internships during his undergraduate degree in organizations such as Suncor Energy, The City of Calgary and The City of Vancouver. His experiences range from being a Business Continuity Student, to Project Coordinator to Autonomous Haul Truck Data Analytics Developer. Andrei has completed his "Golden Triangle"; by having experiences in the Business, Management and Technical sectors throughout his Co-op placements. His current full-time role leans on all three sectors in his responsibilities as a Data Analyst at Suncor Energy.


Andrei has conducted four research projects on topics of machine learning, biometric facial recognition and parametric building design and has three publications. He has presented his research at the University of Oxford, UK and University of Berkeley, USA. As well, Andrei enjoys helping peers finding ways to excel in academics, personal goals and leadership ventures. Some of his interests include public speaking, tennis

coaching and social deduction board games.


Andrei is very excited for the IGEN Mentorship Program for 2021/2022 and hopes to meet you soon!


Mayank Gupta


Areas of Expertise: Resumes, time management, understanding priorities, managing course load, planning your degree, looking for resources, networking, cold calling/emailing, and bugging people to get things done.

Relevant Experience: I'm the EUS VP Academic where I work with faculty, staff and students to advocate and provide academic and professional development resources. This role takes up more than 20 hours every week at the minimum on top of a busy course load and design team. Since last summer I've been working at a corrosion engineering firm and I plan to combine Mech, Mtrl and Civil for my degree.

Hey! I'm Mayank - a third year IGEN and the EUS VP Academic. You may have seen me in the clubroom a bit but I mostly hang out in the ESC and do a whole lot of student governance stuff. I'm super into space and sci-fi and occasionally play badminton and swim. If any of this interests you, let's chat!


Orion Yuen


Areas of expertise: Navigating Degree/Registration, Job Applications, Resume & Cover Letters, Project Management, Consulting, AI/ML/Data, Sustainability & Buildings, STEM Education, Aerodynamics, Power & Propulsion

Relevant Experience: Student Teams (TQD, previously UAS, Rocket), Risk & Consulting @ PwC, Software & Technical Design @ National Defence, Geering Up, Engineering Co-op & Mentorship

I'm a fifth year IGEN student that never really cared for a specialization. I take courses that interest me, and during my time in IGEN, took on a whole host of extracurriculars including part-time studies at BCIT and a complement of transport licences. I also rearranged my degree in a way to take nearly all my requirements in second and third year, leaving my fourth and fifth years almost purely for tech elecs. In my 20 months of work experience, I took on roles that spanned the range of technical to business focuses. I'm happy to chat about any one or combination of degree, career, or life planning!

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