This year, we are introducing a newly redesigned mentorship program to IGEN students.
The mentors consist of upper year students who have confidence, experience, and are adept at specific
skills. They are offering their time to all IGEN students who may have questions that relate to their
specific skill-sets.

For example, if you are designing a part and need to conduct FEA simulations to analyze its stress
concentrations but don’t know where to start: scroll down the list below, find the mentor who has
experience with this skill, and shoot them an e-mail!

If you are reaching out to a mentor, please come prepared with specific problems and/or questions. Do
your research, attempt the problem at least once, and then reach out to a mentor if you need help.


Here are this year’s mentors:

 Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum.jpg

Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum


Areas of expertise: Proficient in multi-layer mixed-signal PCB design for custom projects. Can help with reviewing resumes and portfolios, especially if you're interested in design roles. Have a minor in Civil Engineering for Extreme Environments and lived in the Arctic to study it. Savvy with the ECAD tool Altium Designer and can teach others how to use it. Happy to share knowledge about getting international work placements and going the non-co-op route.

Relevant Experience: Two summers software engineering for big tech; eight months manufacturing experience in the automotive industry; lived in Bangladesh to work for a solar energy startup in a power electronics role; designed PCBs for an IoT/air quality device startup in Vancouver; went on exchange to Greenland to study civil engineering

Recent IGEN alum who milked the program for all it was worth. Have worked in software, mechanical/materials/manufacturing, and electrical roles in three countries and studied civil engineering for the Arctic in Greenland. Took me a while to find my niche and figure out what skillset I wanted to develop, but I recently settled on electrical design (for now), with a variety of side interests and experiences that are all part of my future master plan to be a Jane All of Trades. I am employed by Oculus to design AR optical devices. I struggled a lot academically when I started out in engineering and failed multiple courses and so feel free to talk to me about that if you are stressed.


Shea Mills


Areas of expertise: Resume building, project management, technical writing, sustainability

Relevant Experience: I've managed almost every project I've worked on in my school career. Last year I was a team lead on Third Quadrant Design and am a co-captain this year. I'm also a team lead on Sustaingineering's marketing team. I have 14 years Experience in the workforce in various roles, including 7 years of management roles. I've coordinated many hiring campaigns and have been on both sides on the interview desk! 

I'm a 3rd year, majoring in MECH and minoring in CHBE. I'm gearing.my degree towards sustainable engineering practices, and ways engineers can have a positive impact on the environment. I'd love to design sustainable energy systems for infrastructure projects eventually, and beyond that working in project management! I'm involved with 2 sustainable oriented design teams (Sustaingineering & Third Quadrant Design). I've spent ~15 years in the workforce, and have spent a significant amount of time in management, leadership, or coaching roles as well. I'm a big supporter of mental health dialogues and want to help open the scope of how we as students engage with our intense workloads as well. I'm happy to chat about sustainability, school, project management, or mental health! 

Jassim Abdul Gafoor.JPG

Jassim Abdul Gafoor


Areas of Expertise: Project management, Hardware design FPGA CPEN 312, CPEN 311, ELEC 402.

Relevant Experience: Telus Coop

I am a fourth year IGEN student. Majoring in ELEC and minoring in CPEN. I recently worked at TELUS on Co-op for 10 months. Designed and built library system for Wireline Standards team. I worked on various design teams such as UBC AeroDesign Landing Gear sub team and founded UBC Thunderbikes with some friends. I specialize in Hardware design and Microsystems. If you need help searching for tech electives in that field get in touch! Or questions on Assembly/Verilog.


I spend my spare time building PCs and working on my bike. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about your projects or any dope ideas. I am interested in Quantum Computing as a career path or I may take the entrepreneurial route.


I look forward to hearing from you fellow IGENs.

andy - 5 (305 KB) - Andy Luu.GIF

Andy Luu


Areas of expertise: Software development

Relevant Experience:  I've had 28 months in software internships, so that + everything that comes with it (job applications, resumes, etc.)

I'm a 5th year IGEN student specializing in CPEN (major) and ELEC (minor). I've had 28 months in software development internships, ranging from data analysis and QA to web development and consulting! I'm making the career transition to product management, and would love to help out others land that first internship or just talk about career goals and direction

Talisha G.jpg

Talisha Griesbach


Areas of expertise: Networking, Resume & Cover Letter, Interview Skills, Python, MATLAB, Altium/PCB Design, Time Management, Getting involved on Campus, Scholarship Searching & Applying

Relevant Experience: Electrical Co-op at Kardium (Particularly for Altium, MATLAB and Elec Eng things), Electrical Lead in Supermileage, Leadership positions in various UBC Student Clubs, Received numerous scholarships through searching online (oh and I'm minoring in Commerce too)

I'm a third-year student majoring in electrical, and minoring in mechanical and civil + minor in commerce! I've done a lot of electrical work as a lead in Supermileage and for my co-op in Kardium Inc., a local biomedical company. Most of my skills revolve around Altium (hit me up for PCB design), Python, MATLAB, and some SolidWorks/3D Printing (and if it wasn't COVID, I could help with electrical lab equipment like soldering and oscilloscopes). I'm also proficient in cover letter and resume writing, as well as preparing scholarship application packages. I spend half my time on non-engineering work too! I hold leadership positions in Enactus UBC, UBC Sororities, Incline Education, and I'm a former Collegia Advisor. I'd be happy to chat about getting involved on campus just as much as engineering things! Add me on LinkedIn if you want more details - it might help you get a better idea of things I can help you with, and I'd love a new connection. :)

Niki Manesh.JPG

Niki Kashani Manesh


Areas of expertise: My areas of expertise are project management, resume building/cover letter writing, networking, paper/report wiring, and most ELEC courses (primarily circuit analysis), in addition to topics regarding study tips and navigating mental health during university

Relevant Experience: I have been working as a professional editor, specializing in engineering and healthcare reports, newsletters, presentations, and cover letters/resumes, for over five years. I have also been the captain of a robotics design time for a year and was an electrical lead for four months. Through these, I have learned valuable communication, conflict resolution, organizational, and project management skills. 

Hi! I’m a third-year student, focusing in electrical, mechanical, and biomedical engineering, with a passion in sustainable and accessible assistive technology. I’m also a robotics design team captain and spent some time as an electrical lead, so I’d be happy discus anything leadership, ELEC, or design team related. I also have experience working as a professional editor, so I’d be happy to provide guidance regarding resumes and cover letters, in addition to written reports. I’m also very passionate about mental health and well-being in university, so I’d also be happy to chat about anything related to study tips, time management, or navigating mental health as a student! 


Eve Ulmer

CIVL, CHBE & IGEN (pipelines)

Areas of expertise: Networking, Resume and Cover letter building, Leadership (leading a team), Time management, Fluids (CIVL), EXCEL ( OH YEAHHHH), Event planning

Relevant Experience: Many Civil courses, Work experience in consulting (Copperleaf) and construction (Kiewit for project management), I have ran and advised past professional development sessions, Past student government roles running events and leading a team. 

Hello Hello - my name is Eve and I am a fifth-year student majoring in civil, minoring in chemical, with a tertiary in pipeline (IGEN) engineering. I have been an active member of student government since my first year, holding various leadership and event planning roles - juggling this with classes as well as UBC Concrete Toboggan has been a time! I’ve had the opportunity to gain some industry experience in construction, working for Kiewit Energy Canada in Calgary, as well as in consulting and asset management, working with Copperleaf Technologies in Vancouver. I have a fair bit of experience with interview preparation, resume and cover-letter buildings, general networking, team development and project management. I am also a bit of a pipe network and fluids nerd! I am also always happy to talk about getting involved here at UBC and degree planning, or really anything else!


Zachary Huser.jpg

Zachary Huser


Areas of expertise: Manufacturing anything from any material, solidworks best practices, FEA in Abaqus, mechanical design

Relevant Experience: 3yrs design team experience, all coops manufacturing focused, lifetime of building shit, IGEN shop supervisor 2019-20

 I'm a 3.5 year IGEN student majoring in materials and mechanical or manufacturing.  I'm not much use for stuff inside the classroom though. However, whatever you need to build let me know and I can help you out. Literally whatever, from inert/vacuum environment processing, mobile welding, aesthetic finishing, I can probably lend you the equipment to do it or tell you what you need to buy to get it done. My coops have comprised of making expensive furniture out of chopsticks, making fake spinal cords out of rubber & plastic, and making baby strollers out of carbon fiber and 7-series aluminum (koenigsegg level sht). Besides that, I spend most my time helping people make race car parts on the Formula UBC team, where we compete with student-built F1 cars against teams from all around the world. I also mess with Abaqus and help you get rid of red and yellow warnings in your solidworks model. 

Andrei Gavrilov.jpg

Andrei Gavrilov


Areas of expertise: Programming (SQL, Excel VBA, Python), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Project Management/Project Coordination, Career Coaching, Networking, Interview Preparation, Public Speaking

Relevant Experience: Four Research Projects, Three publications in fields of Civil Engineering (Parametric Building Design), Computer Engineering (Biometric Facial Recognitions and Machine Learning). Three Co-op placements over two years of work experience: 2017, four months at City of Calgary, 9-1-1 Emergency Services as Business Continuity Student (Organizational Disaster Recovery); 2018, eight months at City of Vancouver, Project Delivery Branch as Engineering Assistant (Project Coordinator); 2019-2020, 12 months at Suncor Energy as Data Analytics Student (Developer).

Andrei Gavrilov is pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is currently in his fourth year majoring in Integrated Engineering, specializing in Computer and Mining Engineering and minoring in Commerce. Andrei has been involved with the UBC residence community as a Residence Council Member and Residence Advisor in Place Vanier, Orchard Commons and Totem Park from 2015-2018. Andrei is an active IEEE member, currently serving as Vice Regional Student Representative on the IEEE Canada Student Activities Committee and IEEEXtreme 14.0 International Coding Competition Regional Lead for Region 7, Canada.


Andrei has completed 24-months of internships during his undergraduate degree in organizations such as Suncor Energy, The City of Calgary and The City of Vancouver. His experiences range from being a Business Continuity Student, to Project Coordinator to Autonomous Haul Truck Data Analytics Developer. Andrei has completed his "Golden Triangle" by having experiences in the Business, Management and Technical sectors throughout his Co-op placements.


Andrei has conducted four research projects on topics of machine learning, biometric facial recognition and parametric building design and has three publications. He has presented his research at the University of Oxford, UK and University of Berkeley, USA.  As well, Andrei enjoys helping peers finding ways to excel in academics, personal goals and leadership ventures. Some of his interests include public speaking, tennis coaching and solving logic puzzles.


Andrei is very excited for the IGEN Mentorship Program for 2020/2021 and hopes to meet you soon!


Kyle Gerrard


Areas of expertise: marine industry/ship design, hands-on prototyping

Relevant Experience: SailBot student team (Test Lead, 2 years), Research assistant with UBC Environmental Fluid Mechanics lab (4 month), Systems Engineering co-op at Corvus Energy (marine ESS company, 4 month), Trainee Naval Architect at Robert Allan Ltd. (12 months) 

Heyo, I'm a fifth-year student majoring in mechanical, materials and civil. I'm a huge fan of all things boat-related and am always looking for good ways to strengthen the IGEN community. I'm a member of UBC SailBot which builds autonomous offshore sailboats, and have worked as a trainee naval architect with Robert Allan Ltd. which is a local ship design firm specializing in technical work vessels like tugboats and fireboats. Hit me up if you ever want to talk about sailing, boat design, or careers in the marine industry!